Internet Links - Stage 3 Science

Global Connections Light Space Weather Solids Liquids Gases Ancient Land


3D Eye Games ABC TV's Space News

6 Sided Snowflake Cutter

Solids & Liquids

8 Significant Australian
Geographical Features



All About Space Air Pressure Changing State


APEC Countries

Alien Attack

Amazing Space

Australian Severe Weather

Keeping Warm
Antarctica 1


Alien Attack - Light Revision

Amazing Space

BBC What is Weather? Gases

Antarctica 3

Australia - a successful global trader

Animal Vision

Arty the Part Time Astronaut

BBC Weather Games

Solid to Liquid
Antarctica 2

Australia’s Exports
Fact Sheet

Animated Illusions


Astro Adventure

Beaufort Wind Scale

Solids to liquids
Australian Landforms & Their History

Australian Immigration Fact Sheet

Animated Spectrum


Climate from Weatherwizkids
Temperate Zones
Explore Temperate Climates
Tropical Climates
Explore Tropical Climates
Desert Zones
Polar Zones

Reversible &
Irreversible Changes


Australia's aid program

Atmosphere Optics

Astronauts& Exploration

Cloud Key

Solids, liquids, gases, dissolving
video clips


Carpet Kids

Colour Matters

Astronomy - The Planets


Changing State
Devils Marbles

Children's rights

Colour Experiment

BBC Space

Clouds from eatherwizkids

Earth Earth from a New Perspective

CIA World Fact Book

Colourcube Optical Illusions

Blast Off

Compare 2 Cities Amazing Reef Earth from space


Cool Eye Games

Building Big Structures - the Labs

Droplet & The Water Cycle from nasa

Continental Drift Earth Structure


Edison's Miracle of Light

CSIRO's National Telescope Fascility

Droplets Game

Create Your Own Volcano Fraser Island


Electric Avenue

Dangers of The Sun

Earth's Water Cycle

Cyclone tracker Jenolan Caves

Disaster Watch

Electrical Safety

Day & Night Extreme Weather Earthquake Simulator Kakadu


Exploring Shadows Day Length Focus on Climate Earthquake Locator Landforms


Eye Magic Illusions Discovery School Focus on Mexico Earthquakes Middle East

Fast facts about Trade

Eye Sight Games

Earth & Space

Global Warming 2 Earthquakes Nepal

Food security

Forms Of Light

Earth and Moon Viewer

Global Warming 1

Earth's Active Volcanoes Pictures Wave Rock

Gender equality

How We See Things Earth and Beyond

Global Warming 3

Earth's Active Volcanoes Shaping the Earth

Global Citizens

How Animals See

Earth and Space


eco friendly mission The Earth at Work

Global Connections

How the Eye Works Earth Moon & Sun Flash

Interactive Weather Maker

Wave Rock

Global Education

How We See

Earth, Sun & Moon

Interactive Resources
Dress The Bear

How A Volcano Works  


Inside Your Eye

Earth, Sun and Moon Revision Jumbled Water Cycle Latest earthquakes  

Go Goat Go

Inside Your Eye

Eggy's Space Trivia Challenge

Layers of The Atmosphere

Natural Disasters  


Invention of The Light Bulb

How Heavy Are You On Saturn?

Lightning from Weatherwizkids

Nature's Fury Interactive



How Old Are You On Mars?

Make a Cloud In a Bottle

Ocean Waves



Interactive planets

Make a Weather Forecast Pacific Tsunami Museum Homepage Animation of a Cave Formation

How can we protect desert livelihood & traditions?

Laws Of Light

International Space Station

Make An Anenometer

Rock cycles Animation of a Volcano in a Rift Zone

Human rights


Kids Astronomy Game


Rocks & Soils Animation of an Earthquake Wave

International Polar Year

Light & Colour

Kids Konnect

Measure Windspeed - activity worksheet

Savage Earth Earthquakes with animations Animation of Coal Forming

Know Your Commonwealth

Light & Shadows

Living In Space Activity

Measure Wind Direction Using a Compass

Savage Earth Tsunamis with animations Animation of Continent Forming

Lower Primary Global Education

Light & Dark

Man On The Moon

Measuring Air Pressure

Savage Earth Animation of Metamorphic Rock Forming


Light & Optics

Melbourne Observatory MetOffice Save The Earth
Animation of Sedimentary Rock Forming

Middle Primary

Light and Dark Monster Bugs - build your own.

MrMcCloud's Cloud Quiz

Seismic Waves Boneyard Game

Millennium Development Goals

Light and Colour Moon Challenge Natural Disasters Severe Thunderstorms Dinosaur Playground

Natural disasters

Light and Shadows

Moon Phases Painting the Weather Tectonic Plate Activity Effects of Water Erosion Animation

Natural fibres

Light Basics

N.A.S.A ...

Play It Cool

The Earth
Solid as a rock?
Fossil Formation Animation


Light Experiments

N.A.S.A. Kids

Rains &Floods from Weatherwizkids

The Kids Guide to Volcanos Hunt for Dinosaur Eggs and Hatch Them

Peace building

Light Games


Rising Sea Levels

The Tornado Project Interactive - Effects of Erosion

Poverty reduction

Light In Colour

Nasa Games


Volcano Savage Earth Volcanoes With Animations

Promethean Planet

Light Sources

NASA Star Child

Snowflake Cutter Volcano World Volcano Game - Save The Village

Red Cross

Light Study Guide

New Zealand Science Interactives

Temperature from Weatherwizkids

Walking With the Beasts Game


Look Inside The Eye

Orbits The Water Cycle from epa
Animated Diagram
Volcanoes on line Fossils

Rural development  

Make A Splash With olour

Parkes Radio Telescope

The Atmosphere

Australian plant fossils


Make Jelly Lenses

Planet 10

The Earth's Atmosphere

Electricity Australian dinosaur fossil sites

Sneaky Snakes

Mirrors, Lenses & Your Eyes

Planet 10 Game

The Layers of The Earth's Atmosphere

Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits Fossils

Sydney Airport

More Illusions

Planet Fun Facts

The Water Cycle

Blobz guide to electricity,
circuits & batteries
Flying reptiles

The Evolution of Communication

Optical Illusions Planet Size Comparison

The Water Cycle from Kids Zone

Building Circuits Fossils


Plants Need Light

Planet Sudoku

The Weather

Changing Circuits
Fossil Search

United Nations

Properties of Light

Planet Webquest


Circuit Builder  

Upper Primary Global Education

Questacon Incredible Illusions


Tornado Match Up

Circuit World



Planets & Moons


Circuits & Conductors Ancient Dinosaurs found in


Sammy's Guide to Light

Planets starter, 1, 2, 3 & 4

Water Circuits Gizmo Australian Dinosaur Information




Water Cycle Creating Circuits (Activities 2, 8, 9 and 14) Australian Marine Dinosaurs



Renewable Energy

Water Quiz Electric Circuits Dinosaur Bones

Which language should we learn to be effective global citizens?

Simple Shadows

Renewable Energy

Water Cycle Electric Circuit Quiz Dinosaur digs

World Bank

Splitting Light Experiment

Rotating Planets

Water Cycle Electric Circuits Dinosaur Task Cards

World Trade Organization

Static Electricity

Science Fun & Facts

Water Cycle Explorer Electricity Dinosaur timeline


SCIENCE INTERACTIVES Water Cycle Flash activity Electricity Pictures of Australian dinosaurs
Catapult build & test

The Atoms Family

Science Monster

Water Cycle Module
Interactive Water Cycles

Electricity in the Home Some Australian Dinosaurs
Design a Roller Coaster

The difference between fluorescent & neon light

Skwirk Humans & The Sun

Waterwise Help Celldric find a way to get Eddison down safely. The who's who of Australian Dinosaurs
Explore the Physics
Around You

Theater of Electricity

Sky & Telescope Magazine Weather Help Celldric solve the mystery.  
Gut Instinct Science

Thomas Edison's Home Page

Solar System Jigsaw

Weather Games

KS1 Which things use electricity?  
Interactive Date

What Is Light?

Solar System Simulator

Weather Matching Game

Learning Circuits  
Migration Concentration

What We See

Solar Systems

Weather Watch

Make A Circuit TaLe
*Down to Earth: palaeotraveller
*Shaping the land
*Shaping the land: real landscapes
*Shaping the land: model landforms
*Shaping the land: geological forces
*Travel back in time
*Travel back in time: time map
*Exploring Earth's structure: Earth probe
*Get into geology: what rock is that?
*Get into geology: superposition puzzle
*Get into geology: tools of the trade
*Get into geology [Windows version]
*The Circle: geology
*The Circle: the frozen laboratory
Mr McCloud Cloud Quiz

What Do Animals See?


Weather & People from BBC

Power Up  
Stories Spacecraft

Light Hits An Object

Space Place

Weather Encyclopedia

Silicon Spies Cycles
Science quiz


Space Exploration

Weather Experiments

electricity mission
KS1 Lifecycle of a butterfly
Stories up and down Y1 Light and Dark science clips

Space Exploration

Weather Forecast Simple Circuits Life Cycles
Conservation Y3 Light and Shadows science clips

Space Games

Weather Glossary

The Electricity Book Life Cycles
Are you Eco Friendly? Y3 Shadows at Different Times Space Quiz

Weather Jeopardy

Using electricity Life Cycle of Plants
Environment Agency - Waste Y6 How We See Things science clips

Space Travel Mission

Weather Quest
Are We Overheating

Which are Conductors? Life Cycles

Space Watch

Weather Safety from Weatherwizkids

Y2 Electricity science clips Life Cycles & Food Webs
Litter Blitz Sound Space Word Search Weather Smartboard Y4 Circuits and Conductors science clips Lifecycle of a Butterfly
Ollie Recycles Changing Sounds

Star Child

Weathercams Y6 Changing Circuits science clips Plant Life Cycle
Recyclezone How the Ear Works


Web Weather For Kids - Blizzards

Forces Plant Life Cycle Quiz
Recycling Game Loudness & Pitch

Stars & Galaxies

Web Weather For Kids - Clouds

Car down a ramp Water cycle
Recycling Glass

Ocean Odyssey

Sun Smart

Web Weather For Kids - Hurricanes

Changing Shape Y5 Life cycles science clips
What a Load of Rubbish Ocean Odyssey - Sound Revision

Sydney Observatory

Web Weather For Kids - Thunderstorms

Cyril's Cheese Y5 Life Cycles slides
What a Waste Sound Sydney Observatory

What is Weather from BBC

Forces & motion Y5 Plant Life Cycle
Whose land is it? Sound Sources

Going Down & Burning Up
The Wonders of Our Universe

What Causes Climate Change

Forces In Action  
  Sound and Hearing Flash activities

The 9/8 Planets for Kids

What Could Happen

Forces in action  
Body Parts Sound and Hearing science clips The Nine Planets

What Could Happen - Coral Reefs

Animal X-rays Sound travels through Materials The Planets

What Could Happen - Polar Bears

Friction Test Track  
Body Functions Sounds in the Home

The Planets

What Is Climate Change?

Friction Videos  
Body Systems Y5 Changing Sounds science clips

The Planets

What is Humidity?

Gravity and Drag  
Bones or Boneless?  

The Planets For Kids

What is Meteorology?

Infrared Art  
Build a Skeleton   The Solar System

What is Weather? - worksheet.

Learn about Forces  
Heart and Circulation  

The Sun

Wild weather adventure Magnazone  
How we Change as we grow BBC  

The Sun

Wind from Weatherwizkids

Magnet Quiz  

i-board Me and Us


Virtual Mars

Winter Storm Word Search

Magnets PowerPoint  
Label Body Parts  

Virtual Solar System

  Making things Move  
Moving & Muscles Quiz  

Welcome to the Planets

  Mr Zippy's Trainers  
Muscles Quiz  

Windows To The Universe

  Parkworld Plot  
Name Body Parts   Windows to the Universe   ParkWorld Plot - Forces Revision  
Skeleton   Y5 Earth Sun and Moon science clips   Professor Newton  

Your Weight On Other Worlds

  Pushes / Pulls PowerPoint  
Skeletons and Muscles       Pushes and Pulls  
Skulls and Skeletons       Run The Roller Coaster  
The Digestive System       Simple machines  
The Skeleton       Y1 Pushes and Pulls science clips  
video       Y2 Forces science clips  
Virtual Body       Y3 Magnets and Springs science clips  
Which bone?       Y4 Friction science clips  
World Map       Y6 Forces in Action science clips  
Y1 Ourselves science clips          
Y4 Moving and Growing          
Y4 Moving and Growing science clips