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On Your Mark Maths Builder      
Mathletics Smartkiddies Harvey's Homepage Maths Playground
Cool Math 4 Kids Maths is Fun Count Us In Crickweb
Primary Games Johnnies Math Page Birmingham Grid ICT Games
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Woodlands Maths Zone Maths Dictionary for Kids
Count Me in Too Interactives from Ambleside School Illuminations BBC KS2
Count On The Hardcourt School Cut the Knot Maths Zone



Maths Number Activities
Whole Number Addition / Subtraction Multiplication / Division Mixed Operations

Chance/ Data

Problems / Tools
Counting, Ordering, Patterns, <>, Place Value, Averages Addition Multiplication Various, Rounding & Estimating. Fractions Problems
Counting Addition Facts Factors & Multiples Various ÷ and x by 10, 100 and 1 000 Problem Solving
Counter Nim Add Problems Multiplication Facts + - x / practice 3 ways of looking
at 1/2's
Astro's Maths Problems
Crazy Counter
With Doubles
Addition Build Factor Trees +ve -ve cyber hunt 5 Levels of Pie Cutting Fractions  
  Addition problems All tables I know that 6 Levels all ops
Add & Subtract
Tools/ Resources
Ordering Addition to 100 Mental Addition & Multiplication
of Money
Adding & Subtracting
4Digit Sequencer
Ordering +ve & -ve
Addition to 20   Code Calculations Adding Fractions game Fun Maths Activities
Ordering +ve & -ve
Addition to 50 Multiplication Compare numbers Adding Fractions with different Denominators Fun Maths Activities
Ordering -ve numbers Addition Pyramid Multiplication &
Division Practice
Crack The Code Adding & Subtracting Fractions Interactive Tools
Place tile in correct
Ghost Blasters 3 Multiplication Matho Cyber practice + - x /
with scores
All sorts of Fractions Maths Dictionary
  Ghost Blasters 3 Problem Dodgeball Equations Angles, Fractions, Decimals,
Shapes & Directions
Patterns Ghostblaster 2 Speed Grid Multiplication Double Function
Compare and order
Place value chart
Algebra - Missing
Ghostblaster 3 Written Multiplication Fifteen -
Play A Logic Game
Compare Fractions,
Decimals &%
Place value Chart
Algebra Puzzle Mental problems Speed Grid Multiplication Finding the Mean Comparing Fractions & Percentages Presentation Prime Numbers
Algebraic reasoning Speed Addition 2 Multiples & Factors Fix The Tracks Comparing fractions and percentages game Virtual Dice
Complete the
number sentence
Speed Grid Addition 2 Snakes & Ladder
Function Machine Comparing fractions decimals percentages Year 5 Text
Equation Match Speed Grid Addition 3
  Grand Slam Maths Problems Comparing Common Fractions Year 6 text
Equation Match   Tables Guess The Number Death to Decimals  
Equations with Brackets Subtraction Beach Rush Gut Instinct Maths Decimal Number Line Games
Number Patterns Subtraction Facts Car Wash Identify the rule using
the function machine
Decimal Order- Hundredths Amazing Marbles
  Speed Grid Subtraction 1

Classroom Capers Katie's Maths
x & / Problems
Decimal Multiplication Calculators
Greater / Less Speed Grid Subtraction 2 Colourful Tables Lots Of Table
Decimal Tank Code Breaker
(like Mastermind)
> = <
Speed Grid Subtraction 3

Cone Crazy Math Magician 1 Decimals -Learn Alberta Daisy Nim
  Subtract Larger Numbers
In Groups To Break Out
Disco Deano Math Magician 2 Decimals of all kinds Leap Frog Logic
Place Value Subtraction Egg-static Tables Math Fries
Number Combinations
Maths Fries Number Combinations
Demonstrate The
Decimal Equivalent
Mathew's Metric Gum Dispenser
Place Value Darts Subtraction up
to 100
Fairy Tables Math Mahjong Design a Flag
1/3's & 1/6ths
Quatro - lines of 4
Place Value Pirates Subtraction
up to 20
Fish Shop Math Meteor Design a Flag using 1/2's and 1/4's Snakes & Ladders
  Written problems Flash Quiz Tables Matho Diffy Solitaire
Averages Both Flashcard Tables Matho 2 Dividing Fractions Space Rocks
Working Out
Add, subtract -Drag and Drop Flight of the Knight Mayan Maths Monster
Dolphin Fraction Race
Mode Median Mean 2   Holiday Tables Missing Signs,
Odds & Evens
Equivalent Fraction Game Tactix
Mode, Median & Mean   Hooda Maths Tables Mixed calculations to
launch the rocket
Fraction Monkey
The Price is Right
Working Out
  Jungle Drum Tables Multiple Madness Equivalent fractions,
decimals & percentages
Towers of Hanoi
Mode, Median
& Mean
  Jungle Fish Tables
Timed Table Facts
Number Bonds
+ - x and Mentals
Equivalent Fractions VirusHunt
Finding the Mean   Lagoon Lunch Number Hop Equivalent Fractions Who Wants To Be A
Averages   Lots Of Table
Number Line Maths Equivalent Fractions
    Math Model Number Patterns Finding fraction parts
Roman Numerals   Monkey Tables Number System Fishy Fractions  
Roman Numerals   Monster Maths Power Lines 2 Flitting Fractions  
    Numbers - Times tables Power Lines 3 Fraction Flags  
    Patty's Paints Practice +- x / Fraction Frenzy  
    Penguins Ice
Cream Tables

Practice +- x /
Fraction Cafe
  Pizza Pizzazz Practice +- x /
to launch the shuttle
Fraction monkeys  
    Snowball Fight Probability
Fraction Parachute
    Spaceship Tables Problem Solving
Fraction Sorter  
    Super Stars Pyramid Numbers Fraction, % &
Decimal Equivalents
    Tables Game 2 Teams Ratio & Proportion Fraction, decimal percentage  
    Tables Practice 2-9x Robot + ,- ,/, x

    Times Tables Safe Cracker

    Visual Tables Safe Cracker
    Tyre Tables Spaceship Maths Fractions - Various
      Stories Fractions 1  
    Division Stories Fractions 2  
    Division Facts Stories Fractions of all kinds  
    Division Sudoku
Fractions to Decimals
    Division 1 Tables
Practice Grid
Fractions, Decimal & Percentage
    Division 2 Tackle Math Ball Fractions,
& Percentages
    Division 3 Timed practice
+ - / x
Highest Common
& Lowest Common
    Division Bingo Work Out The Rule
Which Runs
The Machine
Improper Fractions -Presentation  
    Division Problems   Improper/Mixed
    Mental division Rounding and Estimating Insert Fraction Equivalents  
    Written division Round & Estimating Introduction to
      Rounding & Estimating Match The Fractions
With Melvin
      Rounding Matching Fractions  
        Model Fractions  
        More Than Half?  
        More & More
        Multiplying Fractions  
        Name The Fraction  
        Odd Fraction Out  
        Ordering Decimals  
        Ordering Fractions  
        Ordering Fractions  
        Percent & Fractions  
        Place the
in order
        Shade The Fraction  
        Show The Fraction  
        Simplifying fractions  
        The Decifractator  
        Tony Fractions  
        Using decimals  
        Using decimals  
        Using Decimals  
        Using Fractions  
        Visual Fractions  
        What Is A Fraction?  
        Chance Coffee
        Chance Dice Roll  
        Probability -Marble from bag  
        Probability Spinner  
        Create A Graph