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Starfall Childrens storybooks online Literacy games Spelling Peg Spelling
ReadWrite Think UK stage 2 (7-11 years) BBC - KS2 Revisewise - English
An Animated History of Books English Online - Writers' Window Paul Jennings Official Website
Grammar Ninja Brain Boosters Grammar Slammer


Reading Writing Spelling/Vocab Grammar Punctuation Other
Alice In Wonderland - Audio. Download mp3 file Alliteration A[phabet Anteater Opposites Adjective, Adverb &
Noun Interactive Tetris
Apostrophes &
Gut Instinct English
Alien Hangman Beginnings & Endings Antonym Match Adjectives Identifying questions Various Literacy Interactives
Alien Scavenger Hunt Book Cover Creator Battleship Antonyms Adjectives & Adverbs Power Proofreading
Build An Alien
Book Cover Guide Bigbot Antonyms Adjectives from BBC Punctuation Myths and legends
Concentration Build expressions Compound Words Adverbs   Myths and Legends
Crosswords Build your wild self Contractions Aliteration or simile   Story Maker Myths
Jumbled Sentences
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Cartoon Creater Don't Use "said" All About Adjectives    
Make An Alien CD Cover Creator Homographs A-Z Grammar Glossary    
Wordplay Comic Creator Homophones Choose The Right
Writing Can be Fun Compound &
Complex Sentences
Learn Your Spelling! Collective Nouns    
  Create Your Own Play Means the same Common nouns    
Stories / Poems Creative Writing Means the same Drag & Drop Nouns,
Verbs, Adjectives & Prepositions
A Tale of Friendship Descriptions Oxford University Press
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Aboriginal Stories Diamante Poems Plurals of Words Grammar Ninja    
Diamante Poems Fill In The Missing Words Rhyming Words Idiom    
Diamante Poem Flip a Chip Spelling Metaphors    
Persuasive Writing Fractured Fairy Tales SpellingCity Onomatopoeia Identify s  
Reading Deduction Idioms Story & Vocab. Fun Oxford University Press
Grammar File
Reading Non Fiction Instruction Organiser Synonyms Prefixes    
Reading Poetry Instructions Synonyms &
Second Thoughts
Literary Elements
Antonyms or
Shape Poem Mystery Writer Cube Word Invasion Rat Adventures
In English
Shooflies Persuasion Map Words for meaning Recognize &
Use Adverbs
Silver Pete Planning   Similes    
Solve The Peetnik
Poetry scaffold -
about me
  Similes Common ones    
Stories Poetry Scaffold
  Similes 2    
Stories Postcard Creator   Spin to win Prefixes
and Suffixes
Stories Print Hints   Synonyms,
Antonyms or
Stories and
Games 12-14
Printing Press   The Adjective Machine    
The Master Artist
Story maker   Using Adjectives &
Tiger Son Similes to
enhance writing
  Verb Viper    
Wind Song
Similes explained &
to practise
Part 1
Part 2
  Verbs in poetry    
  Stapleless Book   Various Interactive Activities    
Text Types Story Maker   Word Machine    
Text Types Story Map        
Text Types Quiz Story Timeline        
  The Amazing
Sentence Machine
  Writing Fun        
  Writing instructions        
  Writing lists &
  Writing lists &
  Writing a riddle