Internet Links - Stage 2 Science

Science News for Kids

Human Body Magnetism Communication Minibeasts
Asthma Movie


Alexander Graham Bell

Build A Bug

A Look Inside

A Printable Activity Page About Magnetism

All About Marconi

Animated heart

Bar Magnet & Compass

All About Samuel Morse

Let's Talk About Insects

Body Facts
Circulatory System
Respiratory System

Bar Magnet, Compass,
and Magnetic Field Lines

All About Stamps

Body Tour

Static Electricity Movie

Auslan Sign Language

Minibeast Modeller
Bone Detective Cool Facts About Magnets
What is Magnetism?
10 facts about magnets
What type of magnets are there?
What affects a magnet's strength?
Magnetic North
Magnetism in Space
How do magnets work?

Beginners Guide To The Internet

Web Resources
Bone ID

Create a Magnetic Sculpture


Bone Lab

Earth's Magnetic Field and Compass

Braille Jumble

Animal Skeletons
& Skulls
Building Bones

Earth's North Magnetic Pole

Braille Sheet

Build A Fish
Calmness Counter

Electricity & Magnetism

Braille Technology

Build Animal
CirculatoRespiratory Systemry System

Electricity and Magnetism

Braille Trivia

Dinosaur Bones
Circulatory System

Electromagnet Strength

Cobb & Co

Circulatory System

Electromagnets at Work




Daily Telegraph

Squish Fish
Digestion Facts Explain that stuff

Deciphering The Code

Vertebrate or
Digestive System

Hair Raising

Decode The Braille Puzzle

Food Chains 1
Digestive System

Hands on Activities

Different Sorts Of Letters

Food Chains
Everything History for kids

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Excretory System

How Compasses Work

History of Australia Post

How the body works

How Compasses work

History of email

Frog life cycle
How The Body Works Movie

How Do Magnets Work?

History of Mobile Phone

Growing Plants
Human body ebook

How Electromagnets work

History of Mobile Phones In Australia

Life Cycles
Human Body
How stuff works

How Does A Cell Phone Work?

Growing Plants
Inside & Out of the Human Body Magnet Activities

How Does a Mobile Phone Work?

Plant Explorer
Insight into Eyesight

Magnet Dude

How Does A Radio Work?

The Life Cycle of Plants
It's Great to Circulate
The Heart

Magnet madness

How Does A Telephone Work?

Water cycle
Kidney facts

Magnetic Art

How Does A TV Work?

Kids Biology

Magnetic Experiments
Testing the Pull
Make Needle-Magnets
Pulling and Pushing
Pointing North
Test a Magnet
Fishing for Treasures
Suspended Paper Clip
Invisible Force Moving Car

How Does email Work?

Living Bones

Magnetic Field Experiment

How Does Television Work?

Solids Liquids Gases
Mission Nutrition

Magn etic Forces

How email works.

Solids, liquids, gases, dissolving
video clips

Moving and Growing

Magnetic Games

How Phones Work

Keeping Warm
Multitalented Muscles

Magnetic Water

Interactive Letter Writing

Solids & Liquids
Muscle ID

Magnetic Word Builder

Interactive Post Jigsaw

Solids to liquids
Nervous System


Interactive Postie Kate

Nervous System Game Magnetism and Springs

Internet Tutorial - Web Wise

Brain is Boss Magnetism

Journey of a letter

Organ game

Magnetism & Electricity
Web Quest

Journey of a Letter Maze

Parts of the Human Body Memory Match

Magnetism Snacks

Letter Trivia

Catapult - Design and Test
Put Annie

Magnetism Webquest

Morse Code Music

Design a Roller Coaster
Respiratory System

Magnets & Springs

Morse Code Translator Forces & motion
Respiratory System
Looking at your lungs

Magnets in Motion
N to S

Printable Braille Alphabet

Forces & motion
Skeletal System

Magnets In The Kitchen


Forces in Action
Skeleton Assembly

Make A Magnet
Word Search

School Library Resources

Skeleton Game

Make An Electricity
Cross Word

See Your Name In Braille

Identifying Forces
s1 - s2
Teeth & eating

Make Your Own Lightning


Infrared Art

North to North Combination

Semaphore Alphabet

Parkworld Plot
The Ear - Anatomy

Nano magnets to
clean up oil spills

Semaphore Guide

Push & pull
starter & main
The Eye

Parkworld Plot

Sign Games

Run The Roller Coaster
The Heart Explained

Science experiments

Sign Language - Finger Spelling

Simple machines
The Human Body

Science Toys

Sign Language - Number signs

The Human Body

Skool - Magnetism &
Electric Current

Simple History Of The Internet

The Human body – Body systems

Skool - Magnets


The Muscular System

Skool - Plotting a
Magnetic Field

Solve The Braille Riddle

The Secret Life of Brain
3D brain animation


Solve The Signed Puzzles

The Skeleton

Snacks about Magnetism

Sydney Morning Herald

Time For Bed

Static Attraction Experiment

Telephone history

Why Do We Breathe?

Static Electricity

Text to Semaphore Interactive

Your Bones

Electric Gelatin

The Australian

Yuckiest Fun & Games - nervous system

Static Electricity.

The Braille Alphabet

Yuckiest Fun & Games - the brain

The Magnet Game

The First email

Yuckiest Fun & Games - the skeleton Video Clips
Magnetism: Electromagnetism
Animals And Magnetism
Magnetism And Volcanoes
The Earth's Magnetic Field
Electricity And Magnetism
All About Magnetism
Introduction To Magnetism

The Life of Louis Braille

Yucky Fun & Games - Digestion What a Shock

The Telephone

Yucky Fun & Games - Lungs  

The Television

Yucky Fun & Games - Muscles  

What is email?

Yucky Fun & Games - Tummy Rumbles  

Wikipedia - History of the Internet

Yucky Fun & Games - The Heart  

Wikipedia - Email


Wikipedia - Mobile Phones


Wikipedia -  Radio In Australia

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