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Australia Communities British Colonisation State/National Parks General
About Australia Aboriginal Languages Australian Explorers ... About Australia World Watch -
Day/Night Zones
Aboriginal Place Names &Maps Australian Cultural Diversity Australia -
The First Inhabitants
Aboriginal Areas Virtual Globe
Ausflag Australian Immigration Facts 1 British colonisation of Australia All About National Parks Explore different

Aussie Themes, Lesson Plans & Units Australian Immigration Facts 2 British Settlement Atlas of NSW Wildlife Compass Points
Australia - The Great South Land Build a Neighbourhood Captain James Cook Aussie Themes, Lesson Plans & Units Directions 1
Australia National Symbols Community Helpers Claim a Convict Australian Alps Directions 2
Australia: Beyond the Fatal Shore Community Shopping Centre
Convict Life in NSW Australian Wilderness Directions 3
Australian Heritage Sites Flying Doctors Early European
Barrington Tops National Park Cheese Sniffer
Australian Indigenous Art Greetings In Different Languages Early Explorers
1606 - 1785

Breadknife Fly Catcher Directions
Australian Landforms and their History Harmony Day Webquest Early Explorers of Australia
The Navigators
Devils Marbles Pollen Catcher
The Australian Constitution Living In Australia 
Early Maps of Australia Different Types of Parks & Reserves  
  Local Government Links European discovery & the
Colonisation of Australia
Fraser Island  
Australian Federal Government Multicultural Calendar Federation of Australia G'Day Mate - Welcome to Australia  
Australian Heritage Council People Working In
Our Community Webquest
First Fleet Database
Great Barrier Reef
Australian Landmarks Planet Tolerance Games First Fleeters -
by ship
Guide to Australia  
Australian Stamps Police Flinders Journey Jenolan Caves 1  
Australians Speak English, but.. Racism - No Way. Games Room History of The Aborigines Jenolan Caves 2
Australia's Landforms Red Cross
Indigenous Australia Kakadu  
Australias Heritage Rural Fire Services Interactive Ship from
The First Fleet
Leisure and Tourism ..  
Barnaby Bear
Visits Australia
SES Internet Family History Association of Australia Maps of Australia  
Celebrations and Commemorations Smith Family
Journeys in Time - the Journals of Elizabeth and Lachlan Macquarie 1809-1822 National Parks  
d Recreation Portal St John's Ambulance Panoramic View of
Old Sydney Town
National Parks in Australia  
Discovering Democracy St Vincent dePaul Provisions on The First Fleet National Parks in NSW  
Documenting A Democracy: Australia's Story Surf Life Saving Ships of The First Fleet Northern NSW & Southern Qld.  
Environment Australia The Salvation Army Stories of The Dreaming NSW South Coast National Parks  
Famous Australians What Is Multiculturism Sydney Heritage Fleet Parks and Reserves  
Flags of Australia ... Wires The First Fleet Southern Highlands  
G'Day Mate - Welcome to Australia   The First Fleet On Line Sydney National Parks  
Geoscience Australia People and Their Beliefs The Story of The First Fleet The Blue Mountains  
Guide to Australia .. People and Their Beliefs Web Quest Explorers Uluru  
Guide to Australia PATB - Work Samples Australian Explorers 1 Wave Rock  
Indigenous Australia Religion Resources Australian Explorers 2    
Kids Down Under National Geographic: MapMachine
Australian Explorers 3    
Leisure and Tourism ... Student Edition—Buddhism Bass & Flinders    
Maps of Australia Student Edition—Christianity Blaxland, Lawson & Wentworth    
National Parks - Australia Student Edition—Confucianism Burke & Wills    
The Royal Australian Mint Student Edition—Hinduism Early Explorers of Australia    
Wanpa-rda Matilda Centre Student Edition—Islam Explorers of Australia    
What does it Mean to be Australian (Web Quest) Student Edition—Judaism Eyre    
Landforms Student Edition—Shamanism Hume & Hovell    
Breadknife Student Edition—Shinto Leichhardt    
Devils Marbles Student Edition—Taoism Mitchell    
Fraser Island

Student Edition—Zoroastrianism Oxley    
Great Barrier Reef Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Stuart    
Great Barrier Reef - Endangered Animals Traditions of Asia Sturt    
Jenolan Caves 1 Primary      
Jenolan Caves 2
Web Quest Virtual Teacher      
Kakadu BOS      
Koala Creature
SMC Library      
Wave Rock Pics        
Wave Rock        
Where In Australia        
Zipper's Great
Barrier Grr-eef
Aboriginal Information Aboriginal Information      
Aboriginal Sites Indigenous Traditions      
Aboriginal Dreaming Stories      
Aboriginal Heritage Sites The Dreamtime      
Aboriginal Site Register Dreamtime learning task      
Aboriginal sites of New South Wales The Dreaming      
Aboriginal Tribes of NSW Stories of the Dreaming      
Dreaming Stories Dreamtime Stories      
Dreamtime Stories

Videos for aboriginal dreamtime

Dust Echoes Stories

Indigenous Australiana Beliefs

Hive Alive Game

Aboriginal Culture

Ngadjoni Histroy and Culture        
Stories of the Dreaming        
Sydney's Aboriginal Sites        
The Australian Aborigine: Adnyamathanha People        
The Bundjalung People        
The First Australians        
Wagalak Garden        
All About Oceania
A shared history - Aboriginal perspectives in HSIE K-6
(Maps of Aboriginal Australia)
The night of the bilby: find food
Make it alive: brush-tailed rock wallabies
The night of the bilby: safe habitat
Caring for Place, Caring for Country
Barani: Indigenous history of Sydney City
*Job match: choose the characters
*Community enterprise: pools, parks and toys

*Group membership: belonging
*Neighbourhood charter
*The journey of the Hong Hai
Learning Repository Resources
First Fleet - Sydney Cove
First Fleet - Rose Hill
First Fleet - Kangaroo
First Fleet - Port Jackson
First Fleet - The first Australia Day
First Fleet - First impressions of the Indigenous people

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Caring for Place, Caring for Country
Barani: Indigenous history of Sydney City