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Starfall Childrens storybooks online Literacy games Spelling Peg Spelling
ReadWrite Think UK stage 2 (7-11 years) BBC - KS2 Revisewise - English
An Animated History of Books English Online - Writers' Window Paul Jennings Official Website
Kids Spell Brain Boosters Grammar Slammer
Spelling Jenny Eather Writing Fun Grammar Ninja


Reading Writing Spelling/Vocab Grammar Punctuation Phonics
Alien Hangman Acrostic Poems Alphabetical Order Adjectives Alien Punctuation Syllables
Alien Scavenger Hunt Animal Inquiry Alphabetical Order Adjectives Apostrophe Syllables
Build An Alien
Book Cover Creator Alphabetical Order A-Z Grammar Glossary Y3 Apostrophes Syllable Factory
Concentration Book Cover Guide Bat The Rhyming Words
To Score A Home Run
A-Z Grammar Glossary Y4 Apostrophes  
Crosswords Build expressions Coconut Words Adverbs Activity Apostrophes &
Expressions Build your wild self Complete The Sentences Choose The Right
Apostrophes 2 Abstract Noun Poetry Frame
Fairground English
CD Cover Creator Compound Words Choosing Adjectives Apostrophe - Games & Quizzes Ambleweb Limericks Machine
Hangman Comic Creator Compound Words Collective Nouns Capital letters Ambleweb proverbs Match
Invitations Compound
Contractions Collective Nouns Capitals & Fullstops Haikus
Jumbles Creative Writing Contractions Common nouns Commas, Games & Quizzes Haikus 2
Make An Alien Descriptions Contractions Common / Proper Nouns
Commas Quiz Idioms
Matching Game Diamante Poem Contractions Conjunctions Full Stops Idioms Game
Matching Pairs Diamante Poems Dress up language Fairground Verbs Full stops Limericks
Memory Game - Don't Use "said" Just Words
Start/End/Rhyme Sounds
Grammar Family Full Stop Games 1 Monster Poem - similes
Quiz Fill In The Missing Words Learn Your Spelling! Grammar Ninja Full Stop Games 2 Narrative Poems
Word Search Flip a Chip Opposites Grammar Rule Songs Identifying
  Fractured Fairy Tales Plurals of Words Noun Dunk Means the same Poetry Engine
Stories and Poems Help The Monkey
Cross The Bridges
Plural Girls Noun Explorer Possession Proverb Games
A selection of Stories (s) Idioms Rhyming Words Noun or Verb? Penguins on Ice
Aboriginal Stories Instruction Organiser Space Syllables Parts Of Speech Punctuating
Text Types
Rhyming Couplets
Absulum the
Reindeer Elf
Letter Generator Spelling Match Past Tense - irregular verbs Punctuation Rhyming Dictionary
Aesops Fable's Make A Monster Spelling Surfer Personal Pronouns Punctuate the Sentences Syllables in Haikus & Cinquains
Aesops Fables, Narrative Structure SpellingCity Powerful Verbs Punctuate the Texts Tongue Twisters
Anderson, Grimm, Narrative Explore the structure of Cinderella Story & Vocab. Fun Prefix Sentence sense Using Verbs in Poetry
Animated Aesop's Fables Narrative Planning Character, setting and resolution Spelling Game Prefix & Antonyms
Speech Marks  
Buzzy Bee's
Night Out
Plagiarism Syllables Prefixes & Suffixes Speech Marks  
Captain Jake & The
Starship Tweenie
Poetry Collection Synonym Battleships Prefixes & Suffixes Speech Marks  
Crosswords Poetry scaffold -
about me

Synonym Match Prefixes and Suffixes Speech Marks Quiz  
Cinderella Poetry Scaffold
Synonym Snap Prepositions Sound words  
E Books Postcard Creator Synonyms Preposition Anteater The Apostrophe  
Grow Your Own Gargoyle Posters, Newspapers and Comic Synonyms & Antonyms Preposition Desert Who Owns What?  
Hans Christian Print Hints The Whirlyword
Pronoun Reef Y4 Apostrophe Activities  
Inference Printing Press Word patterns Pronouns Y4 Apostrophe Quizzes  
Inference Game Procedure Wordplay Pronouns Quiz    
It Could Happen... Procedure How Stuff Works Words for meaning Rat Adventures In English Sentence  
Lewis Carroll Procedure -  Jam Sandwich   Spin to win Prefixes
and Suffixes
Active and Passive  
Main Idea Procedure Watch movie then write Words Similes Are these sentences?  
Main Idea Proofreading Adding ed Similes Compound sentences  
Real or Make
Alphabetical Order Flash activity Similes 1 Identify Sentence Type  
Mr. Coyote Meets
Mr. Snail
Rhyme Rhythm
Alphabetical Order Quiz Subject - Verb Agreemen Making Sentences  
Reading Comprehension Sentence Detectives Ambleweb Homophones 1 Sort Verbs, nouns & adjectives Putting Sentences Together  
Sequence a Story Shape Poems Ambleweb Homophones 2 Suffix    
Stories Shape Poem Ambleweb Homophones 3 Suffixes  
Stories Similes to
enhance writing
Ambleweb ie or ei Synonyms    
Stories Similes explained &
to practise

Part 1
Part 2
Antonyms Test Synonyms    

Stories 5-8
Similies BBC Skillswise - Proofreading Tenses  
Stories and
Games 0-7
Stapleless Book
Compound Words The Adjective Detective    
Stories to Share & Games Story Maker Confusing Words The Noun Machine    
The Bitaba Bird Story Sequencing Confusing Words Quiz Travelling Pronouns
The Enormous Turnip
Story Map Contracted Words Types of Nouns  
The Littlest Knight Story Timeline Contractions Verb Treasure Hunt  
Who Did Patrick's Homework? Storymaker Crick's Compound Words Verb Viper  
  The Elements
of a story
High Frequency Word Search Verbs  
  Word Building Homophones Verbs in poetry    
  Writing Can be Fun Homophones 2 Verbs In Poetry    
  Writing Fun Homophones Activities What are Nouns?    
  Writing instructions Homophones Match Word Type Sort    
  Writing lists &
'ie' or 'ei'      
  Writing a riddle Irregular Plurals      
  Writing Styles
Key features of writing

- a diary

- autobiography
- letter
- discussion
- narrative
- short sto
KS2 Antonyms Activity      
    Letter Strings      
  Stage 2 Fiction Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check      
  Adventure Story - Pirates LSCWC Spellings      
  Assess your Writing Match the contractions      
  Edit text down Mixed Plurals      
  Fairy Tales More Compound Words      
  Fantasy Settings More Homophones      
  Kid's Stories online More Synonyms      
  Myths & Legends 'ough'      
  Myths and Fairy Tales 'ous' Quiz      
  Pied Piper Phonic Wordsearch      
  Reading Comprehensions Plurals      
  Story Opening Plurals 'es'      
  Story Writing Tips Plurals 'f' ending      
  Story Settings Plurals 'o' ending      
  Story Starts Plurals Test      
  Tale Time Audio Stories Plurals 'y' ending      
  Treasure Island Prefixes      
  Wizard of Oz Root Words      
  Writing a Legend Root Words Quiz      
  Writing with Writers Scrambled - Y4/5 words      
    Silent Letters      
  Stage 2 Non Fiction Silent Letters Quiz      
  About Letters Spelling Practice      
  An Argument Spelling Patterns      
  Art Attack Instructions Spelling Quizzes      
  Bird Chart Spelling Quizzes Spelling Rule Songs      
  Editing Text Spellits - Escape the Maze      
  Identify Text Types Spellits - Y5 Catch that Horse      
  Imperative Verbs - Instructions Spellits - Y6 Catch that Thief      
  Instructions Suffixes      
  Instructions - Features Suffixes - Spin to Win      
  Lancs. Recounts Syllables      
  Newspaper Report Syllables in Poetry      
  Newspapers & persuasive Synonyms      
  Persuasive Writing Synonyms and Antonyms      
  Report Synonyms for Said      
  Statement or Opinion 'tion' or 'sion'      
  Y4 Persuasive Poster Word Workout - Y4/5 words      
    Y3 Y4 Crosswords      
    Y5 Onomatopoeia Activity      
    Y6 Mnemonics Activity