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Starfall Childrens storybooks online Literacy games Spelling Peg Spelling
UK Stage 1 (5-7 years) English Online - Writers' Window Paul Jennings Official Website
ReadWrite Think Brain Boosters Grammar Slammer
An Animated History of Books   Kids Spell


Reading Writing Spelling/Vocab Grammar Punctuation Phonics
Alien Hangman ABC song Alphabetical Order Adjectives - Larry the Lion Alien Punctuation Alphabet
Alphabet Magic Acrostic Poems
Bat The Rhyming
Words To Score
A Home Run
Aliens Dialogue Apostrophes & Contractions Alphabet Antics
Build An Alien Alphabet
Coconut Words All about Adjectives BBC Starship - Which Mark? ALPHABET FUN
Colour Match
the Carriages
Animal Inquiry Complete The
BBC Starship - Describing Words Capital letters Rats! Letter Game
Concentration Baa Baa Black Sheep Compound Words BBC Starship - Make a Sentence Capital Letters Alphabet Action
Dress Barnaby Bear Build expressions Dolch Word Lists
Practise Games
BBC Starship - Past Tense Capital Letters Which  Letter?
Expressions Build your
wild self
Dress up
Collective Nouns Capital letters and full stops ABC
Following Directions Cinderella Just Words
Common nouns Capital letters &
Golden Books Create Your
Own Play
Learn Your Spelling! Conjunctions Capitals and Full Stops ABC
Hangman Cross The
Look,Cover,Write & Check and make flash cards Creating Sentences Capitals and Full Stops  Fun with Letters
Matching Pairs Descriptions Look out Below Crick Verbs Word Links Contractions Alphabet Action
Memory Game - Fill In The Missing Words Means the same Describing words Full stops Game Goo
Pounce On The Word Instruction Organiser Opposites Developing Early Writing Activities Full stops Grumpy Bug
Put parts together Invitations Rhyming Words i-board Sentence Scenes Fullstop Kangaroo  Confusion
Word Games Make A Monster Spelling Surfer Kung-Fu Sentences Fullstop Nick Jr. Favorite
Wordplay Old McDonalds Farm Synonyms Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Identifying questions Rats! Letter Game
Word-Play Picture Match Spelling Game Parts Of Speech Punctuation Alphabet Games
  Poetry scaffold -
about me
Synonyms Past Tense Quiz Punctuation Alien A Springtime Alphabet Book -
Stories / Poems Poetry Scaffold
Synonyms &
Plurals of Words Punctuation Alien Mrs. Alphabet
A selection of Stories Postcard Creator The Whirlyword
and Suffixes
Sentence sense Dinosaur Alphabet Book
A to Z Real or Make
Word patterns Pronouns

Reading/ Spelling

Clifford's Confusable Letters
Aboriginal Stories Rhyme Rhythm
Word Play Pronouns  Starfall   Monkey  Match
Aesops Fables, Sentence Detectives
Word Wheel 1 Proper Nouns WORD  World Welcome to Letter Lane
Alien story 1 Sentence Starter Word Wheel 2 Questions  Reggie the
Rhyming Rhino
Alien story 2 Sentences Words for
Rearrange Sentences Phonics and Beginning Word Activities Phonics
Alphabet Sentences   Sentence Building Colors And Reading Game ABC Identify the letters
Animals You
Can See
at the Zoo
Similes to
enhance writing
Word Building Sentences make sense LEO  loves to Spell ABC Match
Ben Biggin's Week Similes explained
&to practise
- starter
Part 1
Part 2
Alphabet Order Singular and Plural Introduction ORSON'S
Action Alphabet
Buzzy Bee Stapleless Book Alphabetical Adventure Tense Nouns and Verbs Game Alien Scavenger
Buzzy Bee's
Night Out
Story Maker Alphabetical order Travelling Pronouns PAW  PARK Alphabet - link
Captain Jake & The
Starship Tweenie
Story Sequencing Alphabetical Order Verb or Noun Fighter  Jets Alphabet Action
Cinderella Types of sentences Alphabetical Order Verbs in poetry Reading/Language Arts Skill-Builders for Kindergartners Alphabet Trucks
Cloze Passage Story Map Alphabetical Order Verbs PowerPoint Show Critter Jumble Alphabet Zoo
Come Into
The Garden
Storymaker2 Antonyms Quiz 2 Weather Adjectives Colour Match
the Carriages
Alphabet Bears
Dick Whitington (s) Teddy Bears
BBC Starship - Synonyms What are Nouns? Concentration Alphabetical Order
Does it make sense The 3 Little Pigs Alphabetical Order Quiz   Dress Barnaby Bear A-Z sounds and
letter formations
Dottie's Garden What's In The
BBC Words and Pictures - Consonant Clusters   Expressions Beginning sounds
Engine, Engine Number 9 Writing Fun BBC Words and Pictures - CVC Words   Following Directions Blending Bowl
Even & Odd Writing instructions BBC Words and Pictures - Key Words   Golden Books Build a
"u" sound
Fact or Opinion Writing lists &
BBC Words and Pictures - Long Vowel Sounds   Hangman ch & sh
& The Three Bears
Writing a riddle
BBC Words and Pictures Y2 Phonics   Matching Pairs Clifford's
Confused Letters
Guess Who Writing Can be Fun bl, tr, cr   Memory Game - Clifford's Make
A Word
Humpty Dumpty Write a Narrative Blends Wheels   Pounce On The Word Construct a Word
Hungry Animals Write a Description CVC Words   Put parts together CVC blends
I Spy Write a Description CVC Excel   Word Games cvc - Quiz - ends
Interactive Story & Songs Procedure - Making tea cvc Maker     cvc Quiz
Invisible Alligators Procedure CVC onset & rhyme   IWB activities cvc words
Jack & The
Procedure Lists and instructions cvc Wheels   Farm Labels cvc Activities
Jack & The Giant Diamante Poem CVC word maker   Final Sound cvc Maker
Kitty Wants
a Box
Shape Poem CVC Word Picture Matching   Funky Farm CVC onset & rhyme
Lil' Fingers
Story Book
Spelling Game 1 ee, oa oo   i-board 3 bears at home cvc Wheels
Little Red Riding
Look,Cover,Write & Check 'er', 'ir' or 'ur'   i-board CVC TV CVC word maker
Nursery Rhyme
Maker (k)
Alphabetical Order Homographs Game   i-board Humpty Adventure Drawing Shapes
& Letters
Nursery Rhymes Alphabetical Order2 Homophones 2   i-board Me and Us Labels End Sounds
First Sounds
Nursery Rhymes 1 Elements of a Story Homophones 3   i-board Meet Humpty Find The Missing
Nursery Rhymes 2 ES1 Fiction Homophones 4   i-board Sentence Scenes Fishing Game
Nursery Rhymes 3 3 Little Pigs i-board CVC TV   Initial Letter Sounds Fun with phonemes
Ollie's Jar 3 Pigs / Cinderella i-board Whiteboard Tools   Interactive Alphabet Fuzzy Lions
Final Sounds
One Big
Penguin Story
3 Pigs Order Interactive Alphabet   It's a Goal - CVC High frequency
One Little Ball BBC Starship - The Story Plant KS1 Synonyms Activity   Key Words High Frequency
Princess &
The Pea
Castle Adventure Characters Letter Snap   Letter Sounds Identify
Round Bird
Can't Fly
Characteristics ll, ss, ck   Letter Formation Identify Upper
Case Letters
Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Tale Land Look Cover Write Check   Letters Letter Road Hogs
Rhyming Fairy Tales LSCWC Spellings   Medial Sound Lower Case Letters
Sammy's Shapes Fairy Tales Themes LSCWC Spellings   Motor Skills Worksheets 1 Lower Case Letters
& Pictures
Goldilocks Story Writing Matching Word Golf   Motor Skills Worksheets 2 Match The Letter to
the Picture
Sniffy and Fluffy have an Adventure Goldilocks and the 3 Bears More Rhyming Wors  

Roy the Zebra

Match The Sound
to the Picture
Starfall Poems (s) Jack and the Beanstalk 'nice' Synonyms   Sounds Fun Match the lower case & upper case letters
Stop It
Stories and Questions from Rainbow's Edge Number Names labels   Teddy Bear Labels Phonic Fighter
Stories Tale Time Audio Stories Order Alphabet   Word Spinner Phonic Practice Stories
Stories The Little Red Ship Story and Activities Pets cvc     Phonics -
Cliffords Letter
Stories Town Mouse, Country Mouse Phonic Wordsearch   Literacy Pounce
Stories 5-8 Traditional Tale - The Gingerbread Man Pirate Spelling   English Alphabet Printable Phonics
Stories - For class to read Write a Description Plurals Quiz   Fishing Bowl Seaside Circle Game
Stories-More than one. Write a Description Prepositions   Letter Formation Snap - long vowel sounds
Stories to Share with Games Write a Narrative Read Key Words   Listen and Match Sound Sea
Teddy At The Fair Write a Narrative Click Full Screen Reading Key Words   Nine Squares Sound words
Teddybear Land Procedure - Making tea Rhyming Words Sounds & sea
The 3 Bears Writing Can be Fun 'sh' or 'ch'   Starfall - Learn to Read Spelling Ship
The Three Bears Writing Dialogue Sh and Ch   The Painting Game Spelling Game
The 3 Little
Writing stories Spell Key Words   Wordmaker 1 Star Writer
The Bitaba Bird
Writing Traditional Fairy Tales Spelling Bee   Wordmaker 2 Start Sounds
The Brave Monkey Pirate Stories-More than one. Spelling - Consonant Clusters     Upper & Lower
The Counting Story Stories - For class to read Spelling Quizzes     Upper Case Letters
The Enormous Turnip Guided Reading Vowel Phonemes     Visual Alphabet
The Gingerbread
Rhyming Vowel Phonemes     Vowel identification
The Journey of the Noble Gnarble The Three Bears Vowel Phonemes     Watch animations
of upper
lower case letters
hear them say
their names
The Lion &
The Mouse
Does it make sense Wild West Phonics     Wild West Phonics
The Lost Cygnet Cloze Passage       Word Blender
The Moon &
The Rabbit
Procedure       Word Building
The Red Ship Procedure Lists and instructions       Word Family Sorting
Rupee Tree
The Story of Hansel
& Gretel
Diamante Poem       Resources for Kindergarten Teachers
The Story of The
& The Wind

Shape Poem       Becta ICT - Foundation Stage
The Swan
The Lemonade Stand - Read this story with Elmo and Zoe       Cumbria - Early Years
The Tooth Fairy         Developing Early Writing
The Farm
"Story Bear"
      DfES Publications
The Princess
Long Ago
The Grumpy Bug - online story       Early Years ICT
The Owl And The
Pussy Cat
Goldilocks and the Three Bears       Early Years - Scotland
These Little Pigs Dave the Brave Meets a Big, Orange Monster       Early Years - Lancashire
What is Kwanzaa? The Gingerbread Man       Foundation Stage - Hertfordshire
Where Is Spot? Pumpkins Activity       Foundation Stage - Kent
Where's My Hat? The Little Red Hen       Foundation Stage - Lighthouse
Who's There Clifford's Interactive Storybooks       Foundation Stage - Hackney
Wolstencroft The Bear Learn To Read       Foundation Stage - Lewisham
  The Grumpy Bug Online Storybook       Foundation Stage Forum
Audio Stories Rumble Grumble Gurgle Roar Online Book       Foundation Stage Haringey
Original Audio stories Five Hungry Crocodiles       ICT Lesson Plans
Audio stories Educational Story Brook Lane       ICT scheme of work
Audio stories
Ongoing Tales Magazine Old Time Fairy Tales       Mouse Club Lesson Plans
Audio stories Classics The Three Little Pigs Activity Card       Southwark Curriculum Planning
  I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly       SWGfL - Early Years
On-line Big Books The Three Billy Goats Gruff Activity Card       Teachernet - Foundation Stage
A very helpful little boy Brown Bear, Brown Bear Activity       Under 5's
Adventures of Steven Seagull - In Search of Treasure Children's Storybooks Online        
Animated Picture Books Dave the Brave Interactive Online Boo        
Ben Biggin's Week Bob the Builder's Birthday Cake        
Big Books Bobinogs        
Come into the Garden Destructive Digger        
Dad Dotty and Boo Cat in The Stinky Wood        
Fairy Tales and Activities Fairy Tales        
Growth Grandpa's Farm        
Hungry Animals Jungle Eyes        
Ladybird 3 Little Pigs Monster Shopping Trip        
Learn English Stories Mr Bump Loses his Memory        
Little Frog and the Frog Olympics Mr Happy        
Nursery Rhymes Mr Small - A Big Day Out        
Pocketful of Gold Mr Tumble and the Minibeasts        
Steven Seagull at the Seaside Mr Tumble in the Jungle        
Stop it Webster! The Farm        
Stories from Rainbow's Edge What Do I See?        
Teddy at the Fair          
The Gingerbread Man Early Stage 1 Non Fiction        
The 3 Little Pigs Captions and Labels        
The 3 Little Pigs Email a Postcard        
The Easter Surprise Farm Labels        
The Missing Apples Fruit Labels        
The Monster Feast i-board Caption and Sequence        
The Monster Who Loved Toothbrushes i-board Card Designer        
The Rainbow Fish i-board Labels        
The Sleepy Farmer i-board List Writer        
The Sun and the Wind i-board Postcard        
The Tooth Fairy Instructions        
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Instructions - Making Tea        
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Invitations        
Who's There? Labels        
  Order Instructions        
Poetry Scholastic Postcards        
BBC Riddles Switch explores the solar system        
BBC Starship - Alliteration Transport Labels        
My Monster Poetry Frame Vegetable Labels        
Rhyming Patterns Writing Postcards        
Riddles 2 Fact or Opinion        
River Rhyming          
What am I? Riddles