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ICT Lesson Resources Web 2 Links Teacher's Digital Toolkit
Cybersafety Animoro Animoto Create a videos from images [Stages 5 and 6]
Click - Researching On Line Audacity - record and edit sound Benettonplay Create stunning animations [Teachers]
Email words Blabberize - create talking pictures Create educational games
Computer icons - mind mapping Gliffy Create floor plans, flowcharts and 3D diagrams
Keyboard sheets Bubbleshare - share photos Glogster Edu Create interactive multimedia posters [Stages 5 and 6]
Topic words Buzzword - word processing Kerpoof Create movies and stories
Mouse Skills PoducateMe [Exe files] How to create a podcast
Drag and drop mouse skills Delicious - save web sites Power LeagueCreate an online debate
Drag and drop mouse skills Edublogs PreziA zooming presentation tool
Drag and drop Flashcard Exchange Scratch [Exe files] Join up and download programming software to create digital learning objects
Lily Pad Hop Flicker - images Sketchcast [Exe files] Embed evolving sketches into your blog.
Mouse Games 1 Gliffy - create flow charts / diagrams SketchUp [Exe files] Create, modify and share 3D models.
Mouse Games 2 Google Maps Storybird Collaborative storytelling
Mouse Games 3
Google Street View TimetoastCreate a free online timeline
Mouse Games 4 Jigzone Voki Create a personalised speaking avatar [Teachers]
Mouse Games 5 MIxbook Wallwisher Create an online notice board [Teachers]
Mouse Games 6 Moodle - create online course info Wordle Create word clouds to summarise main concepts of a unit for students
Mouse Games 7 Picasa - images  
Mouse Games 8 Place spotting  
Mouse Games 9 Shidonni - bring drawings to life  
Mouse Games 10 Slide  
Mouse skills Slide rocket - slide presenations  
Robot Builder
Survey Monkey - create online surveys  
Room Designer Visuwords - graphical dictionary an thesaurus  
Space Hunter Voicethread  
Stunt Diver Wordle - word clouds  
Wakeboard Challenge    
Dance Mat Typing    
Fearless Frieda Keyboarding    
Find the letter on the keyboard    
Kangaroo Confusion    
Keyboard Skills    
Keyboard Tutorial    
Letter Fall Keyboard skills    
Letter Fall
Keyboard skills
Match the Letter on the Keyboard    
The Computer    
Gameaquarium: Technology    
ICT Games an Puzzles    
Crickweb: KS2: ICT    
Skills Assessment: For Computer Based Learning    
Digital Cameras    
Key Stage 1 Project Using a Digital Camera

Download a PDF version of this project from
Drawing and Painting    
Worcestershire's - The Digital Palette (UK)
Examples of work for this uni
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ICT for teaching and learning    
Creating a picture book CLI    
ICT Games    
ICT GamesICT    
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Literacy and Technology    
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