Internet & Email

Internet and email access in schools is provided through an authenticated login.


A personalised learning space is provided to all students through the DET Portal. The portal acts as a gateway to a range of educational and curriculum resources and provides students with access to a personal DET email account.


All EHPS students are supplied with Internet and Email accounts and a DET User ID and password. Their DET password must be used to access filtered internet browsing and email at any DET location.

Authentication to the DET's internet services ensures that students can be provided with the appropriate level of internet filtering.


This filtering IS NOT available when students access their email accounts from home computers.


The DET Student Portal can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser (e.g. from home or public libraries) at


Please note: Individual students remain accountable for responsible use of the internet

Please contact Mrs GASKIN if you have any queries about the operation and use of your child’s Internet / Email account.


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As a parent you will have the opportunity to get involved in your child's homework and assignments which will sometimes mean helping track down good information online.

The following sites provide some great advice about keeping your children safe while on-line.


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