Parent Information

You can't always trust what you read on the web, so how can you tell a good homework site?
As a parent you will have the opportunity to get involved in your child's homework and assignments

which will sometimes mean helping track down good information online. The Links below may be of help here.


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Some links that will provide you with additional information to help your child at school.

Kindergarten Year 6 to Year 7 Curriculum Information General Information
Time to start school Ten tips to help prepare
for high school
5 Ways to build your child's
numeracy skills K-4

Selective School Information
Ready for school checklist How is your child feeling
about starting high school?

5 Ways to build your child's
numeracy skills K-4

(pdf document)

Respect and Responsibility

A special place
A picture book to read
with your child starting
Getting prepared for Year 7
A to Z Family Literacy and
Numeracy Ideas

Starting School Time to start Year 7
  School Parents Ezine
Preparing for Kindergarten  

Helping your child with literacy

Click Technology Magazine for Parents
Ten tips for parents of children starting Kindergarten  

Helping your child with numeracy

What is NAPLAN
Best Start
Literacy assessment
A guide for parents
  Helping your child with literacy & numeracy pre-school - 6
NAPLAN for Parents
Best Start
Numeracy assessment
A guide for parents
  NSW Primary Syllabuses Parents Guide School Parents Magazine
    For parents of young children (Primary years)
K-12 TV
  What will my child learn at school?
DIY Schol Days Folder
    How much time will be spent on each subject?
DET Announcements
    Foundation Statements
Years 1 and 2

Foundation Statements
Years 3 and 4


Foundation Statements
Years 5 and 6

    Audio & Video Links  
    Literacy and Numeracy Links  
    What is Naplan  
    Everydday Numeracy K_4  
    Supporting Young Children's Literacy Development