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  Whole Number / Fractions & Decimals Whole Number / General Shapes  
  Counting , Ordering , Estimating, Rounding, Place Value, Chance, General Maths Sites Addition Subraction, Multiplication Division 3D, 2D, Angles, Co-ordinates, Transofrmations, Symmetry, Graphs, Diagrams. Length, Volume and Capacity, Mass, Time, Temperature,Area & Perimeter
  Counting Addition 3D Length
  4 Digit Sequencer Add 1 Machine 2d and 3d shape properties Convert units of measurement
  Adventure Sequences Add 10 Machine 3d Shape Properties Harbour Measurements
  Complete the number patterns Add 2 2-digit numbers 3d Shapes Measure lines in cm
  Continue number sequences Add 2 digit numbers game Build It Measure sloping lines in cm
  Count in 10s Add 2 Machine Crick 3d Shape Match NNS Ruler
  Count on/back 10, 100, 1000 Add 3 consecutive numbers to reach the target Identify 2 shapes Reading Measures
  Counting in 2s Add 3 small numbers Recognise 3-d shapes Scales and Distances
  Counting on a number line Add 5 Machine What shapes can you see?  
  Counting on in steps Add it Up   Area / Perimeter
  Counting tens and units Add to 5, 10 or 100 2D Area and Perimeter
  Magic Number Cauldron Add to make 100 2d Shape Facts Area and Perimeters
  TRAIN Count in 2s Adding 10 Castle Shapes Area Explorer
    Adding 11 Crick Tangrams Area of a rectangle
  Numbers 1-20 Adding 10 game for 2 Even more Tangrams BBC Area of Rectangles
  Little Monsters count to 20 Adding 5 and a 'bit' Guess the shapes Demonstrate Area & Perimeter
  Match numbers to names Adding 9 i-board Drawing with Shapes Excel - Perimeter
  Number Names Adding 9 fairy i-board Exploring Shapes Measuring Perimeter
  Number Names labels Addition Balance KS1 Investigating Polygons More Area and Perimeters
  Number Names to 100 Addition Big Sums More Tangrams NNS Area
  Number Names to 20 Addition pyramid easy, medium or hard NNS Polygons (teacher) Perimeter
  Recognise & Write numbers to 20 Addition to 10 Patterns Perimeter and Area Booster Activities

Recognise numbers to 20

Addition to 20 Pentominoes Perimeter Explorer
    Ambleweb Addition Machine Shape Reveal Predicting Area
  Order Batter's Up Baseball - Addition Shape Lab  
  BBC Negative Numbers BBC Bargain Hunters Mental + Shape PowerPoints Volume &Capacity
  BBC Skillswise - Order Numbers BBC Conveyor Belt Game Mental + Shape up Frog Measuring Capacity
  Compare Decimals BBC Fridge Game Mental + Simple shape sort NNS - Measuring cylinder
  Counting Caterpillar Boom Add Sort 2-d shapes Which holds most?
  Decimals Bridging through 10, 20 or 50 Sort 2-d shapes  
  Forest Ordering Bugs race - add with a friend Sort Quadrilaterals Mass
  Negative Numbers Fuel Stop Add 5 Sticky Shapes Alien Weigh In
  Negative Numbers - Temperature i-board Farm Addition Tangrams Mr Pip's Fruit Balance
  Number Track Missing number sums to 10 Tessellate NNS = Weighing Scales
  Order negative numbers   Multiples of 50 = 1000 Tessellations Reading scales
  Order numbers 1 - 20 KS1 Order Number Bonds to 20 Virtual Pinboard Reading Scales
  Order decimal numbers Number bonds to 10 What 2d Shape am I? Scale reader
  Order Decimals Number Bonds to 10 Y4 Sort Triangles Simple Scales
  Order Numbers Pairs of numbers = 10   Weigh it up
  Order numbers to 10 or 100 Passengers on the bus - Bonds to 10 Angles  
  Order to 1000  Simple addition Acute, Obtuse or Right Angles Time
  Ordering Decimals Snakes and Ladders - add to 20 Angle activities 24 Hour Clock
  Ordering numbers Triangle Puzzles Angle Game Analogue Timer
  Ordinals to 20 Y1 - 2 more than Estimate Angles BBC 24 Hour Snap
  Place Value Decimals Y1 Adding doubles Guess the angle BBC Converting Times
  Space Coupe to the Rescue   Hitting the Target - Angles BBC Reading Timetables
  Tenths and Hundredths Subtraction Investigating Angles ClockWorks
    Ambleweb Subtraction Machine Measuring Angles Days of the Week
  Odd and Even BBC Conveyor Belt Game Mental - Protractors Difference between 2 times
  Exploring Odd and Even BBC Fridge Game Mental - Rotation within a Circle Digital Timer
  Odd and Even Boom Subtract Use a protractor to measure angles Digital Timer
  Sort Odd and Even Bowling - Subtract to 10   Digital/Analogue Clock
    Find the difference by counting on Coordinates and Direction Half Hour
  Compare Find the difference between 2 2-digit numbers

Compass Points

How much time has passed?
  10 less than KS1 How many were taken away Coordinate Connect KS1 Hickory Dickory Clock
  2 less than NNS Difference Coordinate Exercises Matching Times -
  2 more than Rabbit Takeaway Coordinate Game NNS Tell the time
  BBC Skills Comparing numbers Subtact - Counting on Coordinate Shapes O' Clock & Half Past Game
  Compare Subtract 1 Machine Coordinates O' Clock
  Comparing Numbers Subtract 10 Machine Coordinates in 4 Quadrants Order months
  Crick Guess the Number Subtract 2 Machine Dino Dig Coordinates Quarter Past
  Guess my number - higher and lower Subtract 5 Machine Grid References Quarter to
  More Greater or Less than Subtracting 10 i-board Control It Set the clock hands - various levels
    Subtracting 11 i-board Which Way? Teaching Clock
  Estimate Subtraction Big Sums Insect Coordinates Teaching Clock 2
  Estimate Subtraction Problems - Counting on (PowerPoint) Lulu's Coin Telling the Time
  Estimate Subtraction to 20 Maze Game Time
  Estimate to 40   NNS Coordinates various levels
  Estimating Beans Addition and Subtraction Plot coordinates What's the time?
  Estimation + and - numbers to 15 Simple Coordinates whiteboard activities
    + and - on a number line - various levels (teacher) What are the coordinates?  
  Rounding Crash + and - single digits   Temperature
  BBC Rounding Digit Workout Transformations Interactive Thermometer
  Helipad - Nearest 10 Missing number sums -various levels Post the shapes - rotate, reflect and translate Measuring Temperature
  Rounding Flashcards Number Pyramid Transformations Golf NNS - Thermometer
    Speed Grid Challenge    
  Place Value   Symmetry  
  Hundred Grid Multiplication Line Symmetry  
  Partitioning 10ticks Multiples or Factors game NNS Symmetry  
  Partitioning - ExcelSplat Square 2 3 4 5 and 10 Tables Rotational symmetry  
  Partitioning - Place Value Calculator All Tables Rotational symmetry  
  Partitioning Numberboard 2 Ambleweb Tables Tester -different levels Rotational Symmetry  
  Place Value Large Numbers Answer 20 questions in 1 minute Symmetry Game  
  Place Value to 30 Batter's Up Baseball - Multiplication Symmetry Investigation  
  Safari Units BBC Conveyor Belt Game Tables Symmetry Sort  
  Virtual PV Cards BBC Fridge Game Mental Multiplication    
    BBC Multiply by Partitioning Graphs  
  Fractions BBC Skillswise - Tables Ambleweb Grapher  
  Activemaths Fraction Wall Big Screen Table Tester Animal Island Data  
  BBC Compare and Order Fractions Boom Multiplication Bar Graph  
  BBC Compare Fractions Camel Times Tables Collect and interpret data  
  BBC Fractions CLEO Check Your Tables Excel Graph Template  
  BBC Fractions of Numbers Digit Workout i-board Eye Pictogram  
  Equivalent Fraction Pairs Disappearing Tables i-board Favourite Toys  
  Equivalent Fractions Farm Stand Make a Bar Graph  
  Equivalent Fractions Match HTU x U Make a Pie Chart  
  Fraction Monkeys Money Box Multiplication NNS Bar Graph  
  Fraction of a number Moon Maths - choose a table to practise NNS Make a line graph  
  Fraction Revision More HTU x U Pie Charts  
  Fraction Worksheets Multiple Frog Hop Simple Pictogram  
  Fractions Multiple Madness TRAIN Read Tables /Graphs  
  Fractions Bars Multiples Quiz    
  Fractions of numbers Sorting Diagrams  
  Fractions of Numbers Multiplying - Partitioning Carroll Diagram  
  Fractions of Shapes NNS Multiplication Facts Carroll Diagram  
  Kids Online Fractions NNS Multiplication Grid Crick Venn Diagram  
  More or less than 1/2 NNS Number Dial More Venn Diagrams  
  NNS Fractions Problems NNS Carroll diagram  
  Order fractions Quick Flash Tables Tester Venn diagram 3  
  Recognise Fractions Short Multiplication Venn Diagram  
  Shape Fractions Tool (Teacher) Table Chant Venn Diagram  
  Sharing Cakes Tables Shooter Venn Diagram  
  Simplifying Fractions Tables at speed 2 3 4 5 & 10 Venn Diagram  
  Tenths and Hundredths Tables at speed 2 5 & 10 Venn Diagram 2  
  Visual Fraction Addition TRAIN Introduce Arrays Venn Diagrams activities  
  Y6 Fractions PowerPoint TRAIN Table facts/counting on    
    Try new ways of learning tables at    
  Decimals TU x TU    
  BBC Compare Fractions and Decimals TU x U    
  BBC Using Decimals tutpup    
  Introducing Decimals      
  Introduction to Decimals Division    
  Match Fractions and Decimals Ambleweb Division Machine    
    BBC Conveyor Belt Game Division    
  Money BBC Fridge Game Mental Division    
  Ambleweb Virtual Shop Boom Division    
  BBC Change Game no timer CLEO Check Your Division Facts    
  BBC Change Game with timer Divide by 10 Decimals    
  Bridging decimals Division Bingo    
  Can You Pay? Division Factory    
  Checkout Challenge Division Mine    
  Dinomart Goal    
  Fill the Purses Grouping & Sharing    
  i-board Sweet Shopping HTU ÷ U    
  i-board Whiteboard Coins Multiply / Divide by 10, 100 and 1000    
  Igloo Shopping Multiply and Divide by 10 or 100    
  Money calculator Multiply by 10, 100, 1000    
  Money Match NNS Division    
  Money Mental Starter NNS Division Grouping    
  Money snap -
  Pairs of decimals = 1 Use a number line to divide    
  Pairs of decimals = 1 (2 decimal places)      
  Pairs of decimals = 10 Mixed    
  Paying and Change BBC Multiples and Factors    
  Paying for goods - various levels Crazy Counting Machine    
  Shopping Game Dartboard - Doubles to 20    
  Subtracting Money Double 2-digit numbers    
  Totals and Change Double a number    
  various levels Doubles and halves    
  Working with Coins Doubles Tester    
    Doubles to 20    
  Fractions Decimals Percent Doubling Machine    
  BBC Compare Decimals and Percentages Halving Machine    
  BBC Compare Fractions and Percentages Multiples and Factor    
  BBC Compare Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Near Doubles Machine    
  BBC Ratios Number Balance KS2    
  Fraction Four Primes and Factors    
  Match Fractions, Decimals, Percentages Simple Doubles    
  Percentages, Fractions & Decimals Square, Root and Cube    
    Times and Divide machine    
  BBC Find Percentage Parts


  BBC Introducing Percentages BBC Ratio Game    
  Percentage Game BBC Understanding Averages    
  Percentages Find the mean    
  Percentages Mean Machine    
  Percentimator Mode and Range    
  Probability Word Problems    
  Probability 20 Questions in a minute!    
  Probability PowerPoint 2 Step Function Machine    
  General Alginon's Algebra Explorer    
  AAA Maths Alien Calculator    
  BBC Numbertime Ambleweb Totally Mental Machine    
  BBC Dynamo's Den Bracket Basics    
  Cadbury Maths Learning Zone Countdown Numbers Game    
  Channel 4 - Puzzle Maths Find the value of the buttons problem    
  Digger and the Gang Freddy's Archery Maths    
  Maths Skills Trainer Function Machine    
  Maths Year 2000 Games Function Machine    
  Mathsphere - Games and Puzzles Funky Mummy - Mental Maths    
  Mathszone Hexagon Dominoes    
  Mental Gym Investigating Number Patterns    
  Numeracy Explorer KS1 Bitesize Maths Games    
  Numeracy Games KS1 Cosmic Numbers    
  Superkids Maths Workshees Make it count    
  The Numeracy Hour Math Mayhem    
  The NRICH Primary Site Maths Mysteries    
    Play Countdown    
  General Times Table Shooter    
  2009 Maths Booster Towers of Hanoi    
  Adrian Bruce Games Trainer Challenge    
  Big Blue Calculator Who wants to be a Mathonaire?    
  Create Worksheets Y1 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  First School Years Numeracy Y1 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Free Primary Worksheets Y2 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Gareth Pitchford's Primary Resoures Y2 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Greenwich Teaching Resources Y3 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Hamilton Trust Maths Plans Y3 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  ICTeachers - Word, Excel and Powerpoint activities Y4 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Interactive Maths Activities Y4 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  JC Schools PowerPoints Y4/5 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Key Objective tests
Y5 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Key Objective tests Y5 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  KS1 Numeracy Activities Y5/6 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  KS1 Numeracy PowerPoints Y6 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  LancsNGfL Textease Activities Y6 Word Problems PowerPoint    
  Level 4 and 5 Revision Help      
  Make worksheets at      
  Mathsonline worksheet creator      
  Mental Maths Test Generator (Y5 Y6)      
  Numeracy Software      

Primary Framework - Numeracy

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  Teachers TV Videos      
  Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers      
  Virtual Dice      
  Y1 Y2 Numeracy Unit Plans      
  Y2 Number Resources      
  Y3 Numeracy Unit plans      
  10 Ticks Games      
  Concentration Number      
  Mallard Maths      
  Maths Rally      
  Rat Splat      
  Teacher Tools      
  0.1 to 1000 Number line      
  Ambleweb 100 grid (teacher)      
  Bead Numbers      
  Hundred Square      
  Mend the 100 square      
  NNS 100 square (teacher)      
  NNS number line (teacher)      
NNS Place Value (teacher)
  NNS Twenty Cards (teacher)      
  Number Grids      
  What's behind the blob?      
  Greenwich Notebooks      
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