General Literacy Links Stage 2 and Stage 3

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Homophones Apostrophes Partsof Speech Spelling and Vocabulary
Common Homophones Apostrophe 1 Adjectives - adding suffixes Adding ing - mixed rules
Homophones there their hear here Apostrophe 2 Collective Nouns Adding ing to verb with short vowels
Homophones - there their they're Apostrophe 3 Types of nouns game Adding ing to verbs
Homophones - to too two Apostrophe with irregular plural nouns Types of nouns quiz Adding ing to verbs ending in e
  Apostrophe with regular plural nouns   Antonyms
Fun Pages Apostrophe with regular single nouns   Gender Words
Ambleside School on-line activities Apostrophe quiz   ie or ei quiz
Animated Lambton Worm   Prefixes and Suffixes Male & Female words
BBC Dynamo's Den Other Common Prefixes Root words quiz
BBC Words and Pictures - KS1 Alphabetical order Prefixes Singular and Plural quiz
Beantime Stories Changing sentences Prefixes quiz Soft 'c' quiz
Children's Storybooks Online Fact or Opinion Suffix - ful quiz Sort Gender Words
Countdown Letters Game First, second or third person quiz Suffix - ing quiz Synonyms for 'said' Word Search
Digger and the Gang Idioms quiz Suffixes - tion, ous, ture quizIts and it's Synonyms for 'went' Word Search
KS1 Bitesize Literacy Games Making questions Suffixes ate en ify ise Words ending in e quiz Sentence types   Words ending in f - Quiz
Story - King Arthur      
Traditional Tales E-books      
Word and punctuation activities